1.How do I complete my profile ?

Sign up as a professional and enter your details to create an account Complete your profile information by giving more details about your business. Upload at least ten (10) pictures from previously executed projects to give clients an idea of what you do and also verify your account by inputting the necessary details requested.

2.What is a lead and why you need to get one?

As a service professional getting real customers can be doubting reaching out to everyone with a little budget seems impossible, well maybe you don’t need everyone getting the right people to patronize you makes the difference. What if there is a solution which can tell you when someone needs your services, the details of the customer’s requirement and also ask you if you will be interested in taking the project. This is where leads from NaIjakick connect comes in. A lead is an opportunity to be aware of the customer who is in need of your service.

3.How do I get connected to customers?

Once a request is made for your services, you receive a notification for that lead into your email. You can now view the customer’s request details and decide whether to accept or decline it, should you choose to accept the lead, you will need credits to accept the lead. Carefully read the client’s request and send price estimate. All interaction will solely be between you and the client, we will not interfere in the negotiations process. You will be responsible for following up on every lead you accept on the platform. Note to view lead is free but you have to use credit to accept. Please we implore you to be checking your dashboard and email everyday to stay connected.

4.What are credits?

At Naijakick connect, we use an internal currency called credits. Naijakick connect is a paid platform, once approved you have to use credits to respond to customers lead that are suitable to you.

5.How can I purchase credits?

There are different modes of purchasing credits you can:
I. Do a bank transfer II. Pay online III. Bank deposit : walk into any bank of your choice and make payment

6.How do we charge?

At Naijakick connect we only charge you when customer’s hired you we don’t charge you for sending quote to customers or viewing customers request, but you must have credit to accept lead and also for sending quote to customers.

7.How do I know if am hired?

When customers click hire after viewing your quote , you will be notify immediately and you’ll be able to call or interact with the customer.

8.How do I increase my chances of getting hired?

Do regular follow up with the customer on the platform even after price conclusion. For customers who have hired you, request for a review on our profile. For more guildelines please visit: support.naijakick.com


1.How does naijakick connect work?

Naijakick connect is a leading service marketplace which helps you hire qualified service Pros specializing in 100 different services including makeup artist, event planner, saloon at home, massage at home, Home tutor ,baker, photographer etc. for FREE.

2.How to find the qualified service Pros?

Click on the service category you want or use the search button by imputing the services that you need then answer few quick questions so we can match you with the right service Pro.

3.How long does it take service provider to get back to me ?

Within 24hrs you will receive quote from different service provider that wish to handle your job in which you will be able to view and compare their quotes

4.Do I pay before hiring a service provider?

No, it's free to connect to a service provider. However, Service provider pay some amount of money before getting in touch with you please don't click Hire if you are not ready to hire them.

5.How will I know if service provider have accept my request?

Notification will be sent to you via your provided email address and mobile number.

6.How do I choose the right Service Pro?

You will receive a maximum of 10 quotes for each service request, and each quote will be different with a unique pricing and service details in which you will be able to hire only one service provider. Here are some suggestions on helping you pick the right service provider: Check the service provider profile for review and past project work (picture) .

7.How do I hire service provider after receiving quote?

After viewing each service provider quote and you are ready to hire one, click the hire button after that you will be able to see the service provider phone number and you can also chat in our chat room( Note the message sent is solely between customers and service provider Naijakick connect will not interfere in anything in the chat room ) .

8. Is it save to invite service provider to my house?

Yes it's 100% save, Naijakick connect service provider are all verified with their national identity and we have their valid datas for future references.